About Drew Pate

Who I am

I am a passionate advocate and practitioner of community-based health care. I returned to Baltimore with my family in 2006 from New Orleans after being displaced by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I have focused my professional career on working with individuals and families from disadvantaged and deprived neighborhoods to provide those families with strong healthcare advocacy and high-quality treatment for those with the greatest medical and social needs. I am an active member of Baltimore Hebrew Congregation where I serve on the Board of Electors. I also serve as a volunteer board member for a nonprofit psychiatric hospital in Vermont. I live in northern Baltimore and am married to Tess with two sons-Sam who is 14 years old and Ezra who is 12 years old.

Why I am Running

One of many lessons I’ve learned from the families that I’ve worked with in my professional career is that regardless of personal or social circumstances, we all share common hopes and dreams for better lives for our families, for more opportunity for economic advancement, education and training and for a system that treats all our citizens with a sense of fairness and justice. Unfortunately, those who support the status quo and entrenched political class have never committed to truly leveling the playing field so that we all can expect access to the same opportunity. We need a new way of thinking that will break away from the stranglehold that the politically connected maintain on our democracy and move away from policies that have failed our city so that we no longer try the same failed solutions while our communities suffer. I want each of us to share the hopes and dreams that we have for our friends and family so that our voices are heard by the political class and the possibilities of a community-led grassroots effort are achieved. Together, we will create a political system that is more responsive to the people instead of the powerful.

I am excited to be part of building a grassroots democratic movement to bring our community’s vital issues to the forefront and to address society’s engrained inequities in healthcare, education, housing and transportation and to pursue criminal justice reform. Together, we can build a coalition of community stakeholders to challenge the status quo and break the stranglehold that the powerful and politically connected have on our democracy. I look forward to learning solutions from the bottom up from the voters of the 41st District and to advocating for lasting change that voters can support at the polls in November and beyond.

What I'm Fighting For

• Immediate implementation of $15/hour minimum wage
• Universally accessible school and neighborhood-based healthcare clinics delivering high-quality medical and mental health services
• Universal preschool and parenting support from birth to age 5
• Criminal justice reform to expand jail diversion programs and to eliminate cash bail
• Enhanced mental health and family support services for youth involved in juvenile justice system
• Creation of a permanent grassroots 41st District Stakeholders Coalition for community input on housing, police oversight, local budgeting, transportation and education
• Creation of “Sustainability Zones” with state tax credits to expand neighborhood use of environmentally friendly energy and buildings