Drew Pate is running as a Green Party candidate for State Delegate in Maryland's 41st Legislative District. He is excited to be part of building a grassroots democratic movement to bring our community's vital issues to the forefront and to address society's ingrained inequities in healthcare, education, housing and transportation and to pursue criminal justice reform.

Drew's vision is to create a coalition of community stakeholders to challenge the status quo and break the stranglehold that the powerful and connected have on our democracy. This is his first campaign and he intends to learn from everyone in our community and those who have roots in the Green Party. He aspires to create a mission that connects with the people of Baltimore City and is a message of justice and lasting change that voters can support when they go to the polls in November. 

What Drew will be fighting for:

• Immediate implementation of $15/hour minimum wage
• Universally accessible school and neighborhood-based healthcare clinics delivering high-quality medical and mental health services
• Universal preschool and parenting support from birth to age 5
• Criminal justice reform to expand jail diversion programs and to eliminate cash bail
• Enhanced mental health and family support services for youth involved in the juvenile justice system
• Creation of a permanent grassroots 41st District Stakeholders Coalition for community input on housing, police oversight, local budgeting, transportation and education
• Creation of “Sustainability Zones” with state tax credits to expand neighborhood use of environmentally friendly energy and buildings